Here's a selection of some of the artists who have recorded here - please have a listen, and click through to their sites/pages.  There's some great music here.


St. Paul de Vence, profoundly powerful, soulful, harmony-driven acoustic/electric ballads.

McKenzie Burkhard: Our own true Bainbridge Island Singer-Songwriting Diva…

Cooper Stoulil, a mesmerizing singer/songwriter from Seattle.  

Lydia Ramsey, folk-americana diva from Seattle. Mixed by Brandon Busch/Sound Media.

Andrew Lovejoy, indie newgrass mandolin.   From Indianola.

Buckshot, a punchy, Old Crow-ish string band from Bainbridge Island (featuring Johnny Bregar).

Sam Reddy, singer/songwriter from Bainbridge, and now Seattle.

Westerly Sound, indie folk pop from Bainbridge Island.

Johnny Bregar's kids/family music.

Bottle of Sound, a Seattle/Santa Cruz collaboration between drummer Josh LaBelle and guitarist Ken Bewick.  It's Joe Jackson meets Elvis Costello and has lunch with Ken Kesey, and Johnny Bregar serves up reubens on rye on a Fender Jazz Bass.

Recess Monkey, indie rock/pop sensations, playing high energy music for kids and families.  

Katie Kuffel, prosaic, powerful and melodious.  

Zach Fleury, poetic songster from Greater Kitsap County.